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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Chorda Violon 3-D/Rж 19-1/4  
Complete description... Chorda Violon 3-D/Rж 19-1/4
Violin / Baroquo Violin Strings [Chorda Violon 3-D/Rж 19-1/4]26.90 €
39.55 €
2Warchal Violon 4/4 Brilliant 4-G/SOL  
Complete description... Warchal Violon 4/4 Brilliant 4-G/SOL
Violin / Strings [Warchal Violon 4/4 Brilliant 4-G/SOL]25.70 €
36.00 €
3Larsen Violon medium 1-E/Mi or boucle E steel gold plated string with loop, medium tension, made in Denmark without co 
Complete description... Larsen Violon medium 1-E/Mi or boucle
Violin / Strings [Larsen Violon medium 1-E/Mi or boucle]13.60 €
16.95 €
4Aricore Violon medium 4-G/Sol G Sterling-Silver on P.E.T string for violin, medium tension. Ћ Pirastro - Aric 
Complete description... Aricore Violon medium 4-G/Sol
Violin / Strings [No picture available.]34.20 €
50.30 €
5Prim Violon orchestra 1-E/Mi E ball string for violin, "Orchestra" tone. Prim Strings are the popu 
Complete description... Prim Violon orchestra 1-E/Mi
Violin / Strings [Prim Violon orchestra 1-E/Mi]6.10 €
7.65 €
6Vision Violon 1/4 2-A/La A string for violin 1/4, medium tension. The sound of VISIONЎ strings is focuss 
Complete description... Vision Violon 1/4 2-A/La
Violin / Strings [No picture available.]13.40 €
19.70 €
7Eudoxa Violon 2-A/La 13-1/2 A wound gut core string 13-1/2 for violin. The classical violin string with exc 
Complete description... Eudoxa Violon 2-A/La 13-1/2
Violin / Strings [Eudoxa Violon 2-A/La 13-1/2]40.00 €
58.90 €
8Zyex Violon 1/2 2-A/La Zyex synthetic core strings produce an extremely warm, rich sound. Zyex is a new 
Complete description... Zyex Violon 1/2 2-A/La
Violin / Strings [Zyex Violon 1/2 2-A/La]18.10 €
26.60 €
9Etui Violon Gewa AIR 1.7 Forme Violet Brillant Gewa Form shaped violin cases Air 1.7 * Made in Germany * Especi 
Complete description... Etui Violon Gewa AIR 1.7 Forme Violet Brillant
Violin / Cases [Etui Violon Gewa AIR 1.7 Forme Violet Brillant]554.00 €
574.00 €
10Larsen Virtuoso Violon medium 1-E/Mi boucle  
Complete description... Larsen Virtuoso Violon medium 1-E/Mi boucle
Violin / Strings [Larsen Virtuoso Violon medium 1-E/Mi boucle]8.50 €
10.65 €