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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Etui Alto Bam HIGHTECH Forme Silver Carbone The Hightech expertise made in France REFERENCE : 2200XL WEIGHT : 1,9 kg IN 
Complete description... Etui Alto Bam HIGHTECH Forme Silver Carbone
Viola / Cases [Etui Alto Bam HIGHTECH Forme Silver Carbone]634.00 €
705.00 €
2Oliv Alto 2-D/Rж 16 D gold-aluminium wound on gut string, for viola, 16, light tension, Ћ The nobl 
Complete description... Oliv Alto 2-D/Rж 16
Viola / Strings [Oliv Alto 2-D/Rж 16]84.10 €
123.70 €
3Obligato Alto medium 4-C/Ut C tungsten wound string for viola, medium tension. Sound Characteristics: Ћ Ob 
Complete description... Obligato Alto medium 4-C/Ut
Viola / Strings [Obligato Alto medium 4-C/Ut]51.85 €
76.30 €
4Spirocore Alto medium 4-C/Ut argent C silver wound string for viola, medium tension. Ћ With Spirocore the steel str 
Complete description... Spirocore Alto medium 4-C/Ut argent
Viola / Strings [Spirocore Alto medium 4-C/Ut argent]45.10 €
66.40 €
5Evah Pirazzi Alto medium 4-C/Ut C silver/tungsten wound string, for viola, medium tension. The new core materiel 
Complete description... Evah Pirazzi Alto medium 4-C/Ut
Viola / Strings [Evah Pirazzi Alto medium 4-C/Ut]49.60 €
72.95 €
6Archet Alto Carbone Carbow CarboWave The brown colored sticks are made using the best of "CarboWave" techno 
Complete description... Archet Alto Carbone Carbow CarboWave
Viola / Bows [Archet Alto Carbone Carbow CarboWave]1 025.00 €
7Eudoxa Stiff Alto 4-C/Ut 21-1/4 C wound gut core string 21-1/4 for viola. The classical violin string with exce 
Complete description... Eudoxa Stiff Alto 4-C/Ut 21-1/4
Viola / Strings [Eudoxa Stiff Alto 4-C/Ut 21-1/4]48.50 €
71.25 €
8Archet Alto Pernambouc Marco Raposo montж Nickel  
Complete description... Archet Alto Pernambouc Marco Raposo montж Nickel
Viola / Bows [No picture available.]830.00 €
9Vision Alto 2-D/Rж D silver wound string for viola, medium tension. VISION VIOLA strings produce a 
Complete description... Vision Alto 2-D/Rж
Viola / Strings [Vision Alto 2-D/Rж]20.15 €
29.68 €
10Chromcor Alto 2-D/Rж D Chromed steel string for viola, medium tension. Ћ A solid steel string popula 
Complete description... Chromcor Alto 2-D/Rж
Viola / Strings [Chromcor Alto 2-D/Rж]21.55 €
31.70 €