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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Jargar Alto strong 4-C/Ut C string for viola, heavy tension. Ћ Jargar viola strings are made on a fine, t 
Complete description... Jargar Alto strong 4-C/Ut
Viola / Strings [Jargar Alto strong 4-C/Ut]20.50 €
29.15 €
2CORELLI Alto light C/Ut !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!!  
Complete description... CORELLI Alto light C/Ut !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!!
Viola / Strings [No picture available.]29.75 €
3Etui Alto Gewa IDEA 2.8 Gewa Viola Oblong Case Idea 2.8 * Made in Germany * Shell made of 
Complete description... Etui Alto Gewa IDEA 2.8
Viola / Cases [No picture available.]1 408.00 €
1 459.00 €
4Etui Alto Gewa Liuteria Varianta Forme Noir/Rouge Gewa Form shaped viola case Varianta Liuteria Concerto * Thermo shell  
Complete description... Etui Alto Gewa Liuteria Varianta Forme Noir/Rouge
Viola / Cases [Etui Alto Gewa Liuteria Varianta Forme Noir/Rouge]325.00 €
335.00 €
5Evah Pirazzi Gold Alto medium 4-C/Ut  
Complete description... Evah Pirazzi Gold Alto medium 4-C/Ut
Viola / Strings [No picture available.]57.65 €
84.80 €
6Cantiga Alto medium Set/Jeu la acier  
Complete description... Cantiga Alto medium Set/Jeu la acier
Viola / Strings [Cantiga Alto medium Set/Jeu la acier]106.20 €
155.25 €
7Helicore Alto +40cm light 3-G/Sol G silver wound for viola long scale, light tension. Multi-strand twisted steel  
Complete description... Helicore Alto +40cm light 3-G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Helicore Alto +40cm light 3-G/Sol]27.20 €
40.00 €
8Helicore Alto +40cm medium Set/Jeu  
Complete description... Helicore Alto +40cm medium Set/Jeu
Viola / Strings [Helicore Alto +40cm medium Set/Jeu]82.20 €
127.30 €
9Zyex Alto medium 4-C/Ut C silver and tungsten wound string for viola, medium tension. Ћ Zyex synthetic  
Complete description... Zyex Alto medium 4-C/Ut
Viola / Strings [Zyex Alto medium 4-C/Ut]29.20 €
42.90 €
10Alliance Alto medium 3-G/Sol G string for viola, medium tension. The Corelli Alliance strings are the result 
Complete description... Alliance Alto medium 3-G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Alliance Alto medium 3-G/Sol]39.95 €
55.50 €