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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Oliv Violon 3-D/Rж 16-1/2 D wound on gut string, 16-1/2, medium tension Ћ The noble sound Ћ dark and str 
Complete description... Oliv Violon 3-D/Rж 16-1/2
Violin / Strings [Oliv Violon 3-D/Rж 16-1/2]74.35 €
109.35 €
2Aricore Violon medium 3-D/Rж D aluminium on P.E.T string for violin, medium tension . Ћ Pirastro - Aricore w 
Complete description... Aricore Violon medium 3-D/Rж
Violin / Strings [Aricore Violon medium 3-D/Rж]26.90 €
39.60 €
3Eudoxa Violon 4-G/Sol 15-1/2 G wound gut core string 15-1/2 for violin. The classical violin string with exc 
Complete description... Eudoxa Violon 4-G/Sol 15-1/2
Violin / Strings [Eudoxa Violon 4-G/Sol 15-1/2]52.80 €
77.65 €
4Perpetual Violon 4-G/Sol  
Complete description... Perpetual Violon 4-G/Sol
Violin / Strings [No picture available.]47.90 €
70.35 €