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To help you with your investigations you will find in this section a list of frequently asked questions with their answers and a website map  to help you find your way around the website.



Here are some questions that are frequently asked:


« What security system has been set up for my online payments ? »

The payment procedure is totally secure. Your bank card number is transferred through a secured SSL interface set up by the Caisse d'Epargne Bank.

« How long will my order take to be delivered ? »

The delivery time is given at the moment when you place your order.  In general an order takes less than 10 days to be delivered.  If required, we can send your order by express delivery.

The workshop

« How many stringed instrument makers work for Aliénor Lutherie ? »

Four stringed instrument makers intervene for the quartet instruments and one stringed instrument maker is specialised in the double bass. If you need your instrument to be adjusted, repaired, cleaned or technical expertise can call on us.  Our goal is to help you. 

« I have to come to the shop in Paris.  How do I get there ? »

We have specially created a page with all the practical informations about finding your way around the city.  See  : Pratical Paris

« Is the formula "Aliénor" still valid ? »

Yes, of course !
For more details consult the page : The formula "Aliénor"

The instruments

« On what instruments do you intervene ? »

We intervene on the violas, violins, cellos and the double basses.

« How must I look after my instrument ? »

We have created a section in Instrument history for your preferred instrument : How to take care of your instrument






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