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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Cantiga Violon strong Set/Jeu boucle  
Complete description... Cantiga Violon strong Set/Jeu boucle
Violin / Strings [Cantiga Violon strong Set/Jeu boucle]73.00 €
106.75 €
2Vision Solo Violon 1-E/Mi E string for violin 4/4, medium tension. Advanced synthetic core, superior tuni 
Complete description... Vision Solo Violon 1-E/Mi
Violin / Strings [Vision Solo Violon 1-E/Mi]8.10 €
11.90 €
3Alliance Violon strong Set/Jeu boule Alliance Vivace set strong tension (E ball) for violin. Although wound on a com 
Complete description... Alliance Violon strong Set/Jeu boule
Violin / Strings [Alliance Violon strong Set/Jeu boule]91.80 €
134.25 €
4Warchal Violon 4/4 Nefrit Set/Jeu boule  
Complete description... Warchal Violon 4/4 Nefrit Set/Jeu boule
Violin / Strings [No picture available.]23.00 €
35.65 €
5Gold Violon strong 1-E/Mi boule E string carbon steel with ball, heavy tension. Ћ Great value string Ћ They re 
Complete description... Gold Violon strong 1-E/Mi boule
Violin / Strings [Gold Violon strong 1-E/Mi boule]9.20 €
13.60 €
6Vision Violon medium 3-D/Rж aluminium D aluminium wound string for violin 4/4, medium tension. The sound of VISIONЎ s 
Complete description... Vision Violon medium 3-D/Rж aluminium
Violin / Strings [No picture available.]16.40 €
24.00 €
7Prim Violon medium 3-D/Rж D string for violin, medium tone. Prim Strings are the popular choice for folk  
Complete description... Prim Violon medium 3-D/Rж
Violin / Strings [Prim Violon medium 3-D/Rж]17.80 €
22.20 €
8Passione Violon 2-A/La 13-3/4 A string 13-3/4 (medium-strong tension) PASSIONE. Ћ Passioneњs sound can be big 
Complete description... Passione Violon 2-A/La 13-3/4
Violin / Strings [No picture available.]49.25 €
72.50 €
9Zyex Violon strong 3-D/Rж aluminium D aluminium wound string for violin, heavy tension. Ћ Very Warm Sound Ћ Profe 
Complete description... Zyex Violon strong 3-D/Rж aluminium
Violin / Strings [Zyex Violon strong 3-D/Rж aluminium]17.90 €
26.30 €
10Jargar Violon strong 4-G/Sol argent G string winding of pure silver, heavy tension. Ћ These strings had a warm and 
Complete description... Jargar Violon strong 4-G/Sol argent
Violin / Strings [Jargar Violon strong 4-G/Sol argent]18.25 €
25.90 €