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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Corelli Solist Contrebasse tungstenTX 360TX Set/Jeu Set of strings for double-bass E,A,H,FIS,(tungstenwound on rope-core; Solo tunin 
Complete description... Corelli Solist Contrebasse tungstenTX 360TX Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Solist Contrebasse tungstenTX 360TX Set/Jeu]230.40 €
320.00 €
2Spirocore Contrebasse 4/4 strong 3-A/La A string for fullsize double-bass. Heavy tension. Ћ Equally effective when play 
Complete description... Spirocore Contrebasse 4/4 strong 3-A/La
Doublebass / Strings [No picture available.]80.00 €
118.60 €
3Flat-Chromsteel Orchestre Contrebasse 1-G/Sol ЋThe universal steel string, chrome steel wound. ЋBright sound, long sustain.  
Complete description... Flat-Chromsteel Orchestre Contrebasse 1-G/Sol
Doublebass / Strings [Flat-Chromsteel Orchestre Contrebasse 1-G/Sol]91.30 €
134.30 €
4Belcanto Solist Contrebasse 4-Fis/Fa#  
Complete description... Belcanto Solist Contrebasse 4-Fis/Fa#
Doublebass / Strings [Belcanto Solist Contrebasse 4-Fis/Fa#]72.80 €
107.00 €
5PASSIONE Solist Contrebasse Set/Jeu  
Complete description... PASSIONE Solist Contrebasse Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [PASSIONE Solist Contrebasse Set/Jeu]245.80 €
380.50 €
6Corelli Contrebasse 1/4 tungsten 4-E/Mi E-string(tungstenwound steelcable;orchestra tuning)for small doublebasses, ref:3 
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse 1/4 tungsten 4-E/Mi
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse 1/4 tungsten 4-E/Mi]113.10 €
157.00 €
7Archet Contrebasse 4/4 Pernambouc Paesold French type 4/4 bow for double bass.Pernambuco stick. Made in Germany. 
Complete description... Archet Contrebasse 4/4 Pernambouc Paesold
Doublebass / Bows [No picture available.]891.00 €
8Housse Contrebasse Sebim 1/4 Noir/Bordeaux  
Complete description... Housse Contrebasse Sebim 1/4 Noir/Bordeaux
Doublebass / Cases and Bags [No picture available.]155.00 €
9Spirocore Solist Contrebasse Set/Jeu set of double bass strings solo medium colors: -hight; yellow -low; re 
Complete description... Spirocore Solist Contrebasse Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [No picture available.]286.00 €
442.90 €
10Flexocor Contrebasse Orchestre 3-A/La Ћ especially suited for arco Ћ bow pressure needs to be adapted Ћ typical warm 
Complete description... Flexocor Contrebasse Orchestre 3-A/La
Doublebass / Strings [Flexocor Contrebasse Orchestre 3-A/La]63.70 €
93.75 €