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Music News / Where can I find lessons and a teacher ?

We have noticed that certain apprentice musicians have trouble finding a place or a teacher to learn how to play their instrument correctly. Indeed, when we are not well informed, how can we know how to find a professor? With whom can we place our confidence?

Here are some ideas, which you can use to practice your passion :

1) Schools and Academies of music :

For example, near to your home, you can normally find a Council School of Music, or a National Academy of Music for the region. Do not hesitate to contact them, but unfortunately they often have very little places available.

2) Associations : 

Locally, sometimes you can find associations with professional musicians, music teachers, or even amateur musicians who help each other to practice their instruments. Internet makes it relatively easy to find these structures.

3) Private Lessons :

Finally, of course you have the possibility of taking private lessons. If you know a good teacher, that's great, but if not it can be difficult to find one.

There are companies specialized in private lessons at home, which enables you to profit from tax deductions. Allegromusique is one of these companies and you can find out how they work on their website: !

We hope these leads will help you to find the right training to be able to play your instrument. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!



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