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Alienor Lutherie offers to you a fidelity program. The more you recomend Alienor Lutherie, the more you earn money !


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We have noticed that many of our customers eg. professors, pupils, professionals or amateurs are recommending that their friends and acquaintances come to Aliénor Lutherie.

We have therefore put in place a sponsorship scheme. We already have 4000 members who have already benefited!  The principle is simple :  you sponsor someone to become a member (who in turn can become a sponsor).  If this new member makes any purchases in our shop in the year, you will receive in January of the following year a discount voucher worth 5% of what they have bought.

An example : You have sponsored a pupil to become a member of our scheme or a friend acquires a violin - eg. a Mirecourt worth 1000 euro, a student bow in pernambouco wood worth 210 euro and a case at 150 euro. In 2007 this person bought from us purchases totalling 1360 euro.   Therefore, you receive in January of the following year a discount voucher worth 68 euros!.

To benefit from this great offer, contact us without delay by email, we will immediately create your account and send to you as quickly as possible your membership cards, which you can distribute to those persons you wish to sponsor.  Do not forget to verifiy that these people have also subscribed by email!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.








Violons restaurжs par Alienor

The history of the viola starts as other stringed intruments in the 16th century in Italy.


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