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Alienor Lutherie is an old french luthiers workshop. Specialised on violin, viola cello and doublebass.


Our Workshop – Latest News

Since September 2008 we have entirely computerized our repair and restoration workshop. Henceforth, when you entrust your instrument to us to be modified or repaired you can follow the evolution of our work on :

The stringed instrument workshop Aliénor Lutherie offers a unique service, very serious and an engagement to be readily available to all our customers.

Below you can find the space, which enables you to follow the repairs to your instrument :

Your advantages :

- You will be able to see where we are with the repairs to your instrument

- You can print at any moment the different estimates that we have made for you

- You will be able to trace the history of your instrument

And all this, entirely free !


Our stringed instrument makers have been working in the Aliénor Lutherie workshop, repairing, maintaining and adjusting your instruments for 25 years.

Our stringed instrument makers

Our stringed instrument makers are at your disposition. Our goal is to enable you to have at your disposal an instrument that has been adjusted to how you desire and adapted to your way of playing.

In case you need adjustments, repairs, maintenance, technical expertise, etc… you can call upon us. Our expertise will satisfy you.

We are always looking for new talent to fit with your demands.

Our location

Our workshop is situated in Paris, France, nearby Saint-Lazare train station.

In this historical borough of the french capital, stringed instrument makers have settled for more than three centuries. This tradition has been carrying on up until this day.


Photos amateurs or artists, here are some shots of our workshop : Photos



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  L'atelier : Nos luthiers sont Я votre disposition.  

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