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School Programs are sreading in France, and are named "Orchestre Я l'жcole". Alienor Lutherie is an active member of this wonderfull program.

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The OAE Programme - "Orchestre A l'Ecole" (Orchestra at School)

Today, only a small minority of children take music lessons at school or in an academy of music :  this figure represents only 2%...

In our country this situation is unacceptable, that is why Aliénor Lutherie made the decision to try all it could and within it's power to change this situation.

As a member of the CSFI (Chambre Syndicale de la Facture Instrumentale), Aliénor Lutherie is already associated with the OAE project "Orchestres A l'Ecole" (Orchestra at School).

The purpose of the project is to stimulate the desire to practice an instrument in pupils of primary and secondary schools, using innovative educational methods.
Basic principle : It is intended that all pupils experience the apprenticeship of an instrument at school. Of course, to achieve such a project one needs a motivated team : musicians, music schools, school establishments, the town councils and other institutions, as well as professionals who are concerned with the technical side of an instrument.

We invite you to download the brochure also disponible on the CSFI site or contact direct Aliénor Lutherie if you wish to receive more information on the project "Orchestra at School".

Contact at Aliénor Lutherie : Jean-Damien LAGARDE




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