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How to insure your musical instrument


Congratulations!  You have just acquired your first musical instrument!

But an instrument is a living and fragile thing, and sometimes, even if we take great care it can be damaged or simply stolen.  It is in these moments that you will be glad to know that you are correctly insured.

So, what are the different types of insurances available to you?

1) School Insurance

If, you have just bought an instrument for your child, it is possible that instrumental practice is already included and specified in your school insurance contract.   Do not hesitate to contact your school insurance company to verify how you are covered.

2) Home Insurance

In certain cases, the possession of an instrument is included in your home insurance.  The rule in general, is to inform your insurance company that you have a fragile instrument at your home by sending them a copy of your till receipt. Unfortunately, in most cases, insurance companies under  value instruments from the violin family.

3) Specialised Insurance

There exists specialised insurance companies who insure musical instruments.  They know each instrument very well and are up to date on the different possible repairs, the loss of value , etc. Normally, in France for a small study instrument, the yearly insurance with "all risks" is between 60 and 70 euro.   With this type of insurance you can practice in tranquility  your favourite instrument!








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