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The children grow, the tastes change, the needs evolve… In short, the Life makes necessary a great flexibility in your purchases!

This is why Aliénor Lutherie developed a marketing policy to accompany you during the life by your instrument by getting rest, peace and economies to you !

Our engagements

During the first six months after the purchase, we think that it is one trial period. In the event of abandonment we commit ourselves repurchasing you the instrument at price net of tax (VAT = 20.0%).

Beyond this period we can hope that the instrument is appropriate. But it will be perhaps useful for you to change size or category. We then commit ourselves with you taking it again to the 2/3 of price net of tax. You thus preserve a capital to pass to the following instrument.

We inform you that the takeover offer is valid only once by size of instrument.

This method enables you to evolve with your instrument for an amount lower than rental.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information !



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