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Aliénor Lutherie opened, on 17th September 2009, a new establishment in Pontoise : violins, violas, cellos and double basses!


For 25 years the stringed instrument maker Aliénor Lutherie has offered it's services to both  amateur and professional musicians alike, therefore reaching more than 200 schools and academies of music.


Today with the opening of a new shop in Pontoise, Aliénor Lutherie is able to offer it's services to more and more clients and musicians.


The same choice in Pontoise as in Paris.


Aliénor Lutherie would like to offer the same service to musicians living outside of Paris.  The new establishment at Pontoise offers the same instruments and the same services as it's original shop.

However, in order to assure a good quality of service, all reparations will be carried out by our workshop in Paris.


Of course, you can always have access to our services via our website


Our address in Pontoise:


Aliénor Lutherie à Pontoise :

38 rue Alexandre Prachay


Telephone : 01 30 32 85 66



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