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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (€ any included tax)Quantity 
1Passione/Chromcor Duo Violoncelle Set/Jeu  
Complete description... Passione/Chromcor Duo Violoncelle Set/Jeu
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]105.00 €
162.50 €
2Spirocore Violoncelle medium 2-D/Ré C chrome wound string for cello 4/4, medium tension. • With Spirocore the steel 
Complete description... Spirocore Violoncelle medium 2-D/Ré
Cello / Strings [Spirocore Violoncelle medium 2-D/Ré]43.50 €
54.35 €
3Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Pernambouc Selection Aliénor Bow for 4/4 cello in wood similar topernambuco wood, silver mounted. Made in  
Complete description... Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Pernambouc Selection Aliénor
Cello / Bows [Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Pernambouc Selection Aliénor]210.00 €
4Housse Violoncelle Selection Alienor cello 4/4  
Complete description... Housse Violoncelle Selection Alienor cello 4/4
Cello / Cases and Bags [No picture available.]140.00 €
5Etui Violoncelle Gewa Idea Futura Anthracite/Rouge Gewa Cello cases Idea Futura - Made in Germany - Fibre glass reinforced synt 
Complete description... Etui Violoncelle Gewa Idea Futura Anthracite/Rouge
Cello / Cases and Bags [Etui Violoncelle Gewa Idea Futura Anthracite/Rouge]987.00 €
1 023.00 €
6Chromcor Violoncelle 1/2-3/4 4-C/Do C Chromed steel string for cello 1/2-3/4, medium tension. • A solid steel strin 
Complete description... Chromcor Violoncelle 1/2-3/4 4-C/Do
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]46.10 €
67.80 €
7Kaplan Violoncelle 4-C/Do fort  
Complete description... Kaplan Violoncelle 4-C/Do fort
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]100.40 €
147.65 €
8Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Ancien signé Tasquier  
Complete description... Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Ancien signé Tasquier
Cello / Bows [Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Ancien signé Tasquier]1 300.00 €
9Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Ancien signé Lotte  
Complete description... Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Ancien signé Lotte
Cello / Bows [Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Ancien signé Lotte]1 200.00 €
10Archet Violon 4/4 Ancien CH. Buthod  
Complete description... Archet Violon 4/4 Ancien CH. Buthod
Cello / Bows [No picture available.]500.00 €