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Cello » Instruments

There is no product directly in this category.

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Belcanto Gold Violoncelle A/La A new a (spiral core, multialloy wound) string concept for cello designed to cap 
Complete description... Belcanto Gold Violoncelle A/La
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]35.90 €
46.90 €
2Jargar Violoncelle strong G/Sol argent G silver string for cello, heavy tension. • Jargar cello strings are made on a  
Complete description... Jargar Violoncelle strong G/Sol argent
Cello / Strings [Jargar Violoncelle strong G/Sol argent]41.90 €
3Perpetual Violoncelle Set/Jeu  
Complete description... Perpetual Violoncelle Set/Jeu
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]350.00 €
485.00 €
4Obligato Violoncelle A/La A string for cello, medium tension. Sound Characteristics: • Obligatos possess 
Complete description... Obligato Violoncelle A/La
Cello / Strings [Obligato Violoncelle A/La]47.15 €
57.15 €
5Jargar Superior Violoncelle strong A/La  
Complete description... Jargar Superior Violoncelle strong A/La
Cello / Strings [Jargar Superior Violoncelle strong A/La]40.10 €
6Evah Pirazzi Solist Violoncelle G/Sol G tungsten wound string EVAH PIRAZZI SOLOIST for cello, medium tension. · Power 
Complete description... Evah Pirazzi Solist Violoncelle G/Sol
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]94.60 €
7Archet Violoncelle 3/4 Ancien signé non lisible  
Complete description... Archet Violoncelle 3/4 Ancien signé non lisible
Cello / Bows [Archet Violoncelle 3/4 Ancien signé non lisible]300.00 €
8Etui Violoncelle Bam HIGHTECH 3.5 Silver Carbone The Hightech expertise made in France REFERENCE : 1004XL WEIGHT : The case s 
Complete description... Etui Violoncelle Bam HIGHTECH 3.5 Silver Carbone
Cello / Cases and Bags [No picture available.]1 017.00 €
1 130.00 €
9Eudoxa Violoncelle A/La 20-1/2 A aluminium wound gut core string for cello. The classical violin string with e 
Complete description... Eudoxa Violoncelle A/La 20-1/2
Cello / Strings [Eudoxa Violoncelle A/La 20-1/2]49.70 €
10Chromcor Plus Violoncelle A/La A CHROMCOR PLUS string for cello, medium tension (steel chrome) • dark timbre,  
Complete description... Chromcor Plus Violoncelle A/La
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]34.40 €