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There is no product directly in this category.

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Gold Violoncelle 3-G/Sol G silver wound on gut string Pirastro GOLD for cello, medium tension. • attract 
Complete description... Gold Violoncelle 3-G/Sol
Cello / Strings [Gold Violoncelle 3-G/Sol]77.30 €
88.85 €
2Larsen Violoncelle strong C/Do C Larsen string for cello, medium tension. Synthetic core strings made in Denma 
Complete description... Larsen Violoncelle strong C/Do
Cello / Strings [Larsen Violoncelle strong C/Do]100.00 €
3Jargar Violoncelle strong C/Do argent C silver string for cello, heavy tension. • Jargar cello strings are made on a  
Complete description... Jargar Violoncelle strong C/Do argent
Cello / Strings [Jargar Violoncelle strong C/Do argent]47.36 €
4Permanent Violoncelle medium 1-A/La A chromesteel on steel string for cello Permanent, medium tension. • lively sou 
Complete description... Permanent Violoncelle medium 1-A/La
Cello / Strings [Permanent Violoncelle medium 1-A/La]42.40 €
5Flexocor Violoncelle Ré !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!! D titanium wound string for cello, medium tension. Design: • ropecore of extr 
Complete description... Flexocor Violoncelle Ré !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!!
Cello / Strings [Flexocor Violoncelle Ré !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!!]59.50 €
6Oliv Violoncelle 4-C/Do 37 C silver wound on gut string, for cello, 37, heavy tension, • The noble sound  
Complete description... Oliv Violoncelle 4-C/Do 37
Cello / Strings [Oliv Violoncelle 4-C/Do 37]102.06 €
145.55 €
7Spirocore Violoncelle medium 1-A/La A chrome wound string for cello 4/4, medium tension. • With Spirocore the steel 
Complete description... Spirocore Violoncelle medium 1-A/La
Cello / Strings [Spirocore Violoncelle medium 1-A/La]23.60 €
32.70 €
8Piranito Violoncelle 1/8-1/4 2-D/Ré D steel string for cello 1/8-1/4. • attractively priced steel core string • br 
Complete description... Piranito Violoncelle 1/8-1/4 2-D/Ré
Cello / Strings [Piranito Violoncelle 1/8-1/4 2-D/Ré]25.58 €
36.48 €
9Spirocore Violoncelle strong Set/Jeu !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!! Set chrome wound strings for cello 4/4, heavy tension. • With Spirocore the ste 
Complete description... Spirocore Violoncelle strong Set/Jeu !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!!
Cello / Strings [Spirocore Violoncelle strong Set/Jeu !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!!]122.50 €
180.00 €
10Evah Pirazzi Violoncelle strong 4-C/Do C tungsten wound string for cello, heavy tension, which offers brilliance and a  
Complete description... Evah Pirazzi Violoncelle strong 4-C/Do
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]110.00 €
133.30 €