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Please visit the sub categories... vous will find few products...

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Evah Pirazzi Violoncelle strong G/Sol G tungsten wound string for cello, heavy tension, which offers brilliance and a  
Complete description... Evah Pirazzi Violoncelle strong G/Sol
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]91.70 €
111.20 €
2Eudoxa Violoncelle D/Ré 24 D silver/aluminium wound gut core string for cello. The classical violin string 
Complete description... Eudoxa Violoncelle D/Ré 24
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]60.20 €
3Helicore Violoncelle 1/2 D/Ré D titanium wound string for cello 1/2, medium tension. D'Addario's Helicore str 
Complete description... Helicore Violoncelle 1/2 D/Ré
Cello / Strings [Helicore Violoncelle 1/2 D/Ré]24.50 €
4Archet Violoncelle 1/8 Carbone Etude  
Complete description... Archet Violoncelle 1/8 Carbone Etude
Cello / Bows [No picture available.]95.00 €
5Belcanto Gold Violoncelle D/Ré A new D (spiral core, multialloy wound) string concept for cello designed to cap 
Complete description... Belcanto Gold Violoncelle D/Ré
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]37.00 €
48.40 €
6Etui Violoncelle Bam Hightech Slim Blanc Weight : 2,9 kg Inside dimensions : Total Length: 124 cm Body Length: 78 
Complete description... Etui Violoncelle Bam Hightech Slim Blanc
Cello / Cases and Bags [No picture available.]1 050.00 €
1 200.00 €
7Etui Violoncelle Sebim Nylon Semi-rigide cello 1/2  
Complete description... Etui Violoncelle Sebim Nylon Semi-rigide cello 1/2
Cello / Cases and Bags [No picture available.]199.00 €
8Präzision Violoncelle G/Sol G string for cello 4/4, medium tension • Precision Steel strings feature a soli 
Complete description... Präzision Violoncelle G/Sol
Cello / Strings [Präzision Violoncelle G/Sol]24.16 €
9Spirocore Violoncelle medium G/Sol G chrome wound string for cello 4/4, medium tension. • With Spirocore the steel 
Complete description... Spirocore Violoncelle medium G/Sol
Cello / Strings [Spirocore Violoncelle medium G/Sol]37.90 €
49.25 €
10Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Pernambouc Paesold hausse amourette Bow for cello in prenambuco wood. Made in German. 
Complete description... Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Pernambouc Paesold hausse amourette
Cello / Bows [Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Pernambouc Paesold hausse amourette]600.00 €