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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Larsen Violoncelle medium 1-A/La A Larsen string for cello, medium tension. Synthetic core strings made in Denma 
Complete description... Larsen Violoncelle medium 1-A/La
Cello / Strings [Larsen Violoncelle medium 1-A/La]45.40 €
56.80 €
2Chorda Violoncelle 1-A/La 21-1/2  
Complete description... Chorda Violoncelle 1-A/La 21-1/2
Cello / Baroquo Cello Strings [Chorda Violoncelle 1-A/La 21-1/2]51.20 €
75.30 €
3Dominant Violoncelle medium 3-G/Sol G synthetic core, chrome wound string for cello, medium tension. The DOMINANT s 
Complete description... Dominant Violoncelle medium 3-G/Sol
Cello / Strings [No picture available.]54.25 €
79.80 €
4Permanent Violoncelle strong 4-C/Do C tungsten winding string for cello Permanent, heavy tenssion. Ћ quick response 
Complete description... Permanent Violoncelle strong 4-C/Do
Cello / Strings [Permanent Violoncelle strong 4-C/Do]116.70 €
171.65 €
5Helicore Violoncelle strong 1-A/La A titanium wound string for cello 4/4, heavy tension. D'Addario's Helicore stri 
Complete description... Helicore Violoncelle strong 1-A/La
Cello / Strings [Helicore Violoncelle strong 1-A/La]29.20 €
42.90 €
6Flexocor Violoncelle 4-C/Do tungsten/argent FS C tungsten/silver wound string for cello, medium tension. Design: Ћ ropecore  
Complete description... Flexocor Violoncelle 4-C/Do tungsten/argent FS
Cello / Strings [Flexocor Violoncelle 4-C/Do tungsten/argent FS]104.10 €
153.00 €
7Archet Violoncelle 1/8 Standard Chinois Bow for cello 1/8 in bresil wood. 
Complete description... Archet Violoncelle 1/8 Standard Chinois
Cello / Bows [No picture available.]70.00 €
8Chromcor Violoncelle Set/Jeu Chromed steel set strings for cello, medium tension. Ћ A solid steel string pop 
Complete description... Chromcor Violoncelle Set/Jeu
Cello / Strings [Chromcor Violoncelle Set/Jeu]162.60 €
251.00 €
9Prim Orchestre Violoncelle 3-G/Sol  
Complete description... Prim Orchestre Violoncelle 3-G/Sol
Cello / Strings [Prim Orchestre Violoncelle 3-G/Sol]38.70 €
48.35 €
10Housse Violoncelle Passion Luxe cello 4/4 Gris  
Complete description... Housse Violoncelle Passion Luxe cello 4/4 Gris
Cello / Cases and Bags [No picture available.]200.00 €