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Amps & pick-ups

There is no product directly in this category.

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Casque Audio Technica ATH-M50X  
Complete description... Casque Audio Technica ATH-M50X
Amps & pick-ups / Accessories [Casque Audio Technica ATH-M50X]175.00 €
2Cellule Contrebasse SCHERTLER STAT B Stephan Schertler’s original bridge-mounted STAT-B is a simple system that effec 
Complete description... Cellule Contrebasse SCHERTLER STAT B
Amps & pick-ups / Pick-up systems double-bass [Cellule Contrebasse SCHERTLER STAT B]273.00 €
309.00 €
3SCHERTLER Unico Classic Wood UNICO Classic is a perfect compact performance companion. Equipped with a 1” dom 
Complete description... SCHERTLER Unico Classic Wood
Amps & pick-ups / Amps & loudspeakers [SCHERTLER Unico Classic Wood]1 050.00 €
1 178.00 €
4Cellule Violoncelle PRODIPE CL21 LANEN  
Complete description... Cellule Violoncelle PRODIPE CL21 LANEN
Amps & pick-ups / Pick-ups cello [No picture available.]109.00 €
Complete description... SCHERTLER Pre Clip
Amps & pick-ups / Accessories [SCHERTLER Pre Clip]15.90 €
20.30 €
6SCHERTLER David Classic The 2-channel DAVID Classic provides similar performance quality in a more compa 
Complete description... SCHERTLER David Classic
Amps & pick-ups / Amps & loudspeakers [SCHERTLER David Classic]822.00 €
944.00 €
7SCHERTLER Pate adhésive  
Complete description... SCHERTLER Pate adhésive
Amps & pick-ups / Accessories [SCHERTLER Pate adhésive]20.30 €
8Cellule Violon/Alto SCHERTLER DYN V  
Complete description... Cellule Violon/Alto SCHERTLER DYN V
Amps & pick-ups / Pick-ups violin &viola [Cellule Violon/Alto SCHERTLER DYN V]425.00 €
506.00 €
9Cellule Violoncelle SCHERTLER STAT C Schertler’s bridge-mounted STAT-C sensor is perfect for cellists performing in l 
Complete description... Cellule Violoncelle SCHERTLER STAT C
Amps & pick-ups / Pick-ups cello [Cellule Violoncelle SCHERTLER STAT C]273.00 €
309.00 €
10Cellule Contrebasse AMEKA  
Complete description... Cellule Contrebasse AMEKA
Amps & pick-ups / Pick-up systems double-bass [No picture available.]234.60 €