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Doublebass » Instruments

There is no product directly in this category.

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Corelli Contrebasse tungsten strong 373F A/La A string, strong tension (373F) for double bass. Essential discoveries in speci 
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse tungsten strong 373F A/La
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse tungsten strong 373F A/La]58.75 €
2Zyex Contrebasse medium E/Mi Zyex bass strings use a synthetic Zyex core that provides gut-like rich and comp 
Complete description... Zyex Contrebasse medium E/Mi
Doublebass / Strings [Zyex Contrebasse medium E/Mi]75.70 €
3Obligato Contrebasse 1/2 Set/Jeu Orchestra Tuning: G, D, A, E • strings made by hand • strict quality control 
Complete description... Obligato Contrebasse 1/2 Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Obligato Contrebasse 1/2 Set/Jeu]185.00 €
300.00 €
4Helicore Solo Contrebasse A/La A Helicore SOLO bass string are designed for the artist who plays primarily arco 
Complete description... Helicore Solo Contrebasse A/La
Doublebass / Strings [Helicore Solo Contrebasse A/La]28.60 €
5SuperFlexible Contrebasse D/Ré D string for double-bass orchestra tuning. Steel rope core reduces stiffness an 
Complete description... SuperFlexible Contrebasse D/Ré
Doublebass / Strings [SuperFlexible Contrebasse D/Ré]42.25 €
6Original Flat-Chrome Contrebasse D/Ré • Pirastro Flat Chrom original strings are one of five rope core bass strings of 
Complete description... Original Flat-Chrome Contrebasse D/Ré
Doublebass / Strings [Original Flat-Chrome Contrebasse D/Ré]70.40 €
7Spirocore Contrebasse 4/4 medium E/Mi E for fullsize double-bass. Medium tension. • Spirocore strings with a spiral s 
Complete description... Spirocore Contrebasse 4/4 medium E/Mi
Doublebass / Strings [No picture available.]64.55 €
86.80 €
8Helicor Contrebasse Orchestre light Mi  
Complete description... Helicor Contrebasse Orchestre light Mi
Doublebass / Strings [Helicor Contrebasse Orchestre light Mi]36.40 €
9Flat-Chromsteel Orchestre Contrebasse E/Mi •Bright sound, long sustain. •Quick response even in the low strings. •Suitab 
Complete description... Flat-Chromsteel Orchestre Contrebasse E/Mi
Doublebass / Strings [Flat-Chromsteel Orchestre Contrebasse E/Mi]76.15 €
99.00 €
10Prelude Contrebasse 1/2 Set/Jeu There is clearly a lack of bass strings on the market that really work well for  
Complete description... Prelude Contrebasse 1/2 Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Prelude Contrebasse 1/2 Set/Jeu]104.70 €