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1Prelude Contrebasse 1/2 Set/Jeu There is clearly a lack of bass strings on the market that really work well for  
Complete description... Prelude Contrebasse 1/2 Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [No picture available.]104.70 €
2Oliv Contrebasse D/Rж Wound on gut D-string,medium tension Ћ The noble sound Ћ dark and strong sound 
Complete description... Oliv Contrebasse D/Rж
Doublebass / Strings [Oliv Contrebasse D/Rж]187.42 €
227.18 €
3Obligato Contrebasse C/Do1 Ћ reacts even at most sensible impulses Ћ optimal reaction by virtuouso playin 
Complete description... Obligato Contrebasse C/Do1
Doublebass / Strings [Obligato Contrebasse C/Do1]37.15 €
4Original Flat-Chrome Contrebasse G/Sol Ћ Pirastro Flat Chrom original strings are one of five rope core bass strings of 
Complete description... Original Flat-Chrome Contrebasse G/Sol
Doublebass / Strings [Original Flat-Chrome Contrebasse G/Sol]69.20 €
5Flexocor Contrebasse Orchestre G/Sol Ћ especially suited for arco Ћ bow pressure needs to be adapted to gauge Ћ typ 
Complete description... Flexocor Contrebasse Orchestre G/Sol
Doublebass / Strings [Flexocor Contrebasse Orchestre G/Sol]61.15 €
6Corelli Contrebasse 1/4 tungsten Set/Jeu Set of strings E,A,D,G,(tungstenwound steel-cable;orchestra tuning)for small dou 
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse 1/4 tungsten Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse 1/4 tungsten Set/Jeu]244.00 €
339.00 €
7Corelli Solist Contrebasse tungstenTX 364TX 4-Fis/Fa# FIS(4) SOLO string, strong tension (364TX) for double bass. Made in France by S 
Complete description... Corelli Solist Contrebasse tungstenTX 364TX 4-Fis/Fa#
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Solist Contrebasse tungstenTX 364TX 4-Fis/Fa#]89.10 €
123.75 €
8Corelli Contrebasse nickel 381M 1-G/Sol Ћ They have the same acoustic qualities and enjoy the same innovations that the  
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse nickel 381M 1-G/Sol
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse nickel 381M 1-G/Sol]37.60 €
52.25 €
9Helicor Contrebasse Hybrid heavy La  
Complete description... Helicor Contrebasse Hybrid heavy La
Doublebass / Strings [Helicor Contrebasse Hybrid heavy La]33.55 €
10Chromcor Contrebasse Set/Jeu Chromed steel set. Ћ bright sound, big tonal volume Ћ easy response, immediate 
Complete description... Chromcor Contrebasse Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Chromcor Contrebasse Set/Jeu]179.00 €