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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Spirocore Contrebasse 4/4 light 5-C/Do  
Complete description... Spirocore Contrebasse 4/4 light 5-C/Do
Doublebass / Strings [No picture available.]102.80 €
151.00 €
2Corelli Contrebasse 1/2 nickel 2-D/Rж D-strings(nickelwound steelcable;orchestra tuning)for small doublebasses, ref:30 
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse 1/2 nickel 2-D/Rж
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse 1/2 nickel 2-D/Rж]34.10 €
47.40 €
3Corelli Contrebasse 1/4 tungsten 2-D/Rж D-string(tungstenwound steelcable;orchestra tuning)for small doublebasses? ref:3 
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse 1/4 tungsten 2-D/Rж
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse 1/4 tungsten 2-D/Rж]33.70 €
46.75 €
4Flat-Chromsteel Solist Contrebasse Set/Jeu Set of 4 strings for bass 'FLAT-CHROMESTEEL' SOLOIST I La (A) - II Mi (E) - III 
Complete description... Flat-Chromsteel Solist Contrebasse Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Flat-Chromsteel Solist Contrebasse Set/Jeu]351.80 €
544.50 €
5Corelli Solist Contrebasse nickelTX 392TX 2-E/Mi E string, strong tension (392TX) for double bass SOLO. of a traditional concept 
Complete description... Corelli Solist Contrebasse nickelTX 392TX 2-E/Mi
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Solist Contrebasse nickelTX 392TX 2-E/Mi]39.40 €
54.75 €
6Archet Contrebasse 3/4 Pernambouc Marco Raposo montж argent  
Complete description... Archet Contrebasse 3/4 Pernambouc Marco Raposo montж argent
Doublebass / Bows [No picture available.]2 200.00 €
7Dominant Solist Contrebasse 4-Fis/Fa# The dominant string in a highly flexible, multi-strand synthetic core string for 
Complete description... Dominant Solist Contrebasse 4-Fis/Fa#
Doublebass / Strings [No picture available.]73.30 €
107.85 €
8Jargar Contrebasse light Set/Jeu  
Complete description... Jargar Contrebasse light Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Jargar Contrebasse light Set/Jeu]175.00 €
9Flexocor de Luxe Contrebasse 2-D/Rж  
Complete description... Flexocor de Luxe Contrebasse 2-D/Rж
Doublebass / Strings [No picture available.]101.00 €
148.60 €
10Corelli Contrebasse nickelTX 380TX Set/Jeu Ћ Hard tension strings of a traditional concept they are a subtle combination of 
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse nickelTX 380TX Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse nickelTX 380TX Set/Jeu]182.70 €
253.75 €