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Musician's Must Have

There is no product directly in this category.

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Accessoire Etui Bam Alto Forme HOODY Cover your case! REFERENCE : HO2200XL WEIGHT : 0,25 kg INSIDE DIMENSIONS :  
Complete description... Accessoire Etui Bam Alto Forme HOODY
Musician's Must Have / Cases accessories [Accessoire Etui Bam Alto Forme HOODY]97.20 €
109.00 €
2Colophane Pirastro Gold  
Complete description... Colophane Pirastro Gold
Musician's Must Have / Rosin [Colophane Pirastro Gold]14.30 €
3Support de pique Violoncelle VIVALAMUSICA rouge  
Complete description... Support de pique Violoncelle VIVALAMUSICA rouge
Musician's Must Have / Supports and pin stoppers [Support de pique Violoncelle VIVALAMUSICA rouge]15.70 €
4Magic Pad Baleine  
Complete description... Magic Pad Baleine
Musician's Must Have / Rosin [Magic Pad Baleine]6.50 €
5Support de pique Violoncelle GEWA Protect Floor Protector Protec Metal housing 
Complete description... Support de pique Violoncelle GEWA Protect
Musician's Must Have / Supports and pin stoppers [Support de pique Violoncelle GEWA Protect]28.00 €
6Colophane Jade Contrebasse Double bass rosin * In see-through synthetic holder with fabric inlay 
Complete description... Colophane Jade Contrebasse
Musician's Must Have / Rosin [Colophane Jade Contrebasse]16.00 €
7Mentonnière Violon Dresden 1/4-1/2 synthétique Chin rest Dresden 1/4 - 1/2 * Violin * Synthetic 
Complete description... Mentonnière Violon Dresden 1/4-1/2 synthétique
Musician's Must Have / Chin Rests and accessories [Mentonnière Violon Dresden 1/4-1/2 synthétique]10.00 €
8Coussin Violon KUN Pliant 4/4 Kun Shoulder rest Collapsible 4/4 * Foldable feet * Needs little  
Complete description... Coussin Violon KUN Pliant 4/4
Musician's Must Have / Shoulder rests and accessories [Coussin Violon KUN Pliant  4/4]36.50 €
9Bogenschutz Protection archet Violon, alto  
Complete description... Bogenschutz Protection archet Violon, alto
Musician's Must Have / Bows accessories [No picture available.]5.35 €
10Colophane Larsen Violon Hypoallergénique  
Complete description... Colophane Larsen Violon Hypoallergénique
Musician's Must Have / Rosin [Colophane Larsen Violon Hypoallergénique]19.40 €