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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Etui Alto Bam HIGHTECH Oblong Compact POCHE Noir Lazure Weight : 2,7 kg Inside dimensions : Total Length: 75 cm Body Length: 42  
Complete description... Etui Alto Bam HIGHTECH Oblong Compact POCHE Noir Lazure
Viola / Cases [Etui Alto Bam HIGHTECH Oblong Compact POCHE Noir Lazure]940.00 €
1 045.00 €
2Passione Alto 1-A/La strong acier  
Complete description... Passione Alto 1-A/La strong acier
Viola / Strings [Passione Alto 1-A/La strong acier]40.00 €
58.85 €
3Alliance Alto light 1-A/La A string for viola, light tension. The Corelli Alliance strings are the result  
Complete description... Alliance Alto light 1-A/La
Viola / Strings [Alliance Alto light 1-A/La]20.90 €
29.00 €
4Eudoxa Alto 1-A/La 14-1/4 A wound gut core string 13-1/4 for viola. The classical violin string with exce 
Complete description... Eudoxa Alto 1-A/La 14-1/4
Viola / Strings [Eudoxa Alto 1-A/La 14-1/4]42.60 €
62.65 €
5Obligato Alto strong 3-G/Sol G silver wound string for viola, heavy tension. Sound Characteristics: Ћ Oblig 
Complete description... Obligato Alto strong 3-G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Obligato Alto strong 3-G/Sol]61.20 €
76.50 €
6Crystal Alto medium Set/Jeu La Stabilon Set strings for viola, medium tension. The know-how has allowed CORELLI to deve 
Complete description... Crystal Alto medium Set/Jeu La Stabilon
Viola / Strings [Crystal Alto medium Set/Jeu La Stabilon]88.30 €
129.15 €
7Permanent Alto strong 3-G/Sol G argent wound on steel string for viola, heavy tension. Ћ brilliant, clear, fo 
Complete description... Permanent Alto strong 3-G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Permanent Alto strong 3-G/Sol]41.30 €
60.80 €
8Oliv Stiff Alto 3-G/Sol 16-1/2 G gold-silver wound on gut string, for viola, 16-1/2, medium-heavy tension, Ћ  
Complete description... Oliv Stiff Alto 3-G/Sol 16-1/2
Viola / Strings [Oliv Stiff Alto 3-G/Sol 16-1/2]174.85 €
257.15 €
9Zyex Alto medium 2-D/Rж D string for viola, medium tension. Ћ Zyex synthetic core strings produce an ex 
Complete description... Zyex Alto medium 2-D/Rж
Viola / Strings [Zyex Alto medium 2-D/Rж]23.00 €
33.80 €
10Kaplan Solutions Alto 1-A/La The Kaplan Solutions viola A string produces a full, rich, and warm tone. It is  
Complete description... Kaplan Solutions Alto 1-A/La
Viola / Strings [Kaplan Solutions Alto 1-A/La]24.10 €
35.45 €