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Please visit the sub categories... vous will find few products...

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Chromcor Alto D/Ré D Chromed steel string for viola, medium tension. • A solid steel string popula 
Complete description... Chromcor Alto D/Ré
Viola / Strings [Chromcor Alto D/Ré]17.70 €
23.90 €
2Crystal Alto 28cm A/La A string for small viola 28cm, it benefit from the same technology as the regula 
Complete description... Crystal Alto 28cm A/La
Viola / Strings [Crystal Alto 28cm A/La]10.30 €
3Etui Alto Bam Hightech Oblong avec poche Silver Carbone Weight : 3 kg Inside dimensions : Total Length: 76 cm Body Length: 43 cm 
Complete description... Etui Alto Bam Hightech Oblong avec poche Silver Carbone
Viola / Cases [Etui Alto Bam Hightech Oblong avec poche Silver Carbone]755.00 €
850.00 €
4Spirocore Alto medium G/Sol G chrome wound string for viola, medium tension. • With Spirocore the steel str 
Complete description... Spirocore Alto medium G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Spirocore Alto medium G/Sol]21.05 €
27.40 €
5Passione Alto C/Ut 20  
Complete description... Passione Alto C/Ut 20
Viola / Strings [Passione Alto C/Ut 20]42.50 €
60.60 €
6Eudoxa-Oliv Alto C/Ut 19-3/4 C tungsten wound of gut string 19-3/4 for viola. The classical violin string wi 
Complete description... Eudoxa-Oliv Alto C/Ut 19-3/4
Viola / Strings [Eudoxa-Oliv Alto C/Ut 19-3/4]57.50 €
77.70 €
7Helicore Alto +40cm strong A/La A aluminium wound for viola long scale, heavy tension. Multi-strand twisted ste 
Complete description... Helicore Alto +40cm strong A/La
Viola / Strings [Helicore Alto +40cm strong A/La]14.35 €
8Etui Alto Gewa Idea 2.8 Gewa Viola Oblong Case Idea 2.8 * Made in Germany * Shell made of 
Complete description... Etui Alto Gewa Idea 2.8
Viola / Cases [Etui Alto Gewa Idea 2.8]989.00 €
1 308.00 €
9Alliance Alto strong G/Sol G string for viola, heavy tension. The Corelli Alliance strings are the result  
Complete description... Alliance Alto strong G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Alliance Alto strong G/Sol]32.70 €
10Vision Alto C/Ut C silver/tungsten wound string for viola, medium tension. VISION VIOLA strings  
Complete description... Vision Alto C/Ut
Viola / Strings [Vision Alto C/Ut]29.40 €