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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Cantiga Alto medium 4-C/Ut  
Complete description... Cantiga Alto medium 4-C/Ut
Viola / Strings [Cantiga Alto medium 4-C/Ut]30.25 €
42.00 €
2Dominant Alto medium Set/Jeu Set strings for viola, medium tension. The DOMINANT string is a highly flexible 
Complete description... Dominant Alto medium Set/Jeu
Viola / Strings [Dominant Alto medium Set/Jeu]125.40 €
194.15 €
3Chorda Alto 3-G/Sol 17  
Complete description... Chorda Alto 3-G/Sol 17
Viola / Baroquo Viola Strings [Chorda Alto 3-G/Sol 17]38.40 €
56.50 €
4Oliv Stiff Alto 4-C/Ut 21-1/4 C stiff tungsten wound on gut string, for viola, 21-1/4, medium-heavy tension,  
Complete description... Oliv Stiff Alto 4-C/Ut 21-1/4
Viola / Strings [Oliv Stiff Alto 4-C/Ut 21-1/4]96.00 €
141.15 €
5Eudoxa-Oliv Alto 4-C/Ut 19-3/4 C tungsten wound of gut string 19-3/4 for viola. The classical violin string wi 
Complete description... Eudoxa-Oliv Alto 4-C/Ut 19-3/4
Viola / Strings [Eudoxa-Oliv Alto 4-C/Ut 19-3/4]85.80 €
126.20 €
6Piranito Alto 3-G/Sol G steel string for viola. Ћ attractively priced steel core string Ћ brilliant  
Complete description... Piranito Alto 3-G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Piranito Alto 3-G/Sol]18.80 €
27.60 €
7Alliance Alto light 3-G/Sol G string for viola, light tension. The Corelli Alliance strings are the result  
Complete description... Alliance Alto light 3-G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Alliance Alto light 3-G/Sol]39.95 €
55.50 €
8Etui Alto Bam HIGHTECH Oblong 43 Noir Carbone The Hightech expertise made in France REFERENCE : 2201XL WEIGHT : 2,6 kg IN 
Complete description... Etui Alto Bam HIGHTECH Oblong 43 Noir Carbone
Viola / Cases [No picture available.]913.00 €
1 014.00 €
9Obligato Alto medium Set/Jeu Set string for viola, medium tension. Sound Characteristics: Ћ Obligatos posse 
Complete description... Obligato Alto medium Set/Jeu
Viola / Strings [Obligato Alto medium Set/Jeu]181.70 €
281.30 €
10Oliv Alto 2-D/Rж silver 14 D silver wound on gut string, for viola, 14, medium-light tension, Ћ The noble 
Complete description... Oliv Alto 2-D/Rж silver 14
Viola / Strings [Oliv Alto 2-D/Rж silver 14]51.25 €
75.40 €