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#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price (ђ any included tax)Quantity 
1Eudoxa Alto 1-A/La 14-1/4 A wound gut core string 13-1/4 for viola. The classical violin string with exce 
Complete description... Eudoxa Alto 1-A/La 14-1/4
Viola / Strings [Eudoxa Alto 1-A/La 14-1/4]42.60 €
62.65 €
2Vision Alto 4-C/Ut C silver/tungsten wound string for viola, medium tension. VISION VIOLA strings  
Complete description... Vision Alto 4-C/Ut
Viola / Strings [Vision Alto 4-C/Ut]41.50 €
61.10 €
3Passione Alto 3-G/Sol 17-1/4  
Complete description... Passione Alto 3-G/Sol 17-1/4
Viola / Strings [Passione Alto 3-G/Sol 17-1/4]57.50 €
84.60 €
4Piranito Alto 3-G/Sol G steel string for viola. Ћ attractively priced steel core string Ћ brilliant  
Complete description... Piranito Alto 3-G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Piranito Alto 3-G/Sol]18.80 €
27.60 €
5Helicore Alto +40cm medium Set/Jeu  
Complete description... Helicore Alto +40cm medium Set/Jeu
Viola / Strings [Helicore Alto +40cm medium Set/Jeu]82.20 €
127.30 €
6Permanent Alto light 3-G/Sol G argent wound on steel string for viola, light tension. Ћ brilliant, clear, fo 
Complete description... Permanent Alto light 3-G/Sol
Viola / Strings [Permanent Alto light 3-G/Sol]30.10 €
44.35 €
7Helicore Alto +40cm light 1-A/La A aluminium wound for viola long scale, light tension. Multi-strand twisted ste 
Complete description... Helicore Alto +40cm light 1-A/La
Viola / Strings [Helicore Alto +40cm light 1-A/La]20.35 €
30.00 €
8Prim Alto orchestra Set/Jeu Set string PRIM RED for viola, medium tone. Prim Strings are the popular choice 
Complete description... Prim Alto orchestra Set/Jeu
Viola / Strings [Prim Alto orchestra Set/Jeu]70.60 €
92.90 €
9Cantiga Alto medium Set/Jeu la cantiga  
Complete description... Cantiga Alto medium Set/Jeu la cantiga
Viola / Strings [Cantiga Alto medium Set/Jeu la cantiga]106.20 €
155.25 €
10Helicore Alto -38cm Set/Jeu Set string for viola short scale, medium tension. Multi-strand twisted steel co 
Complete description... Helicore Alto -38cm Set/Jeu
Viola / Strings [Helicore Alto -38cm Set/Jeu]82.20 €
127.30 €