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Dominant Alto light A/La !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!!

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15.80 € 

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Reference : CA-THO DOM La L
Name : Dominant Alto light A/La !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!!
Brand : Thomastik
Description : A synthetic core aluminium wound string for viola, light tension.
The DOMINANT string is a highly flexible, multistrand
synthetic core string for tonal warmth and feel of gut and is impervious to changes in humidity, allowing for stable intonation and long life. The sound is soft, clear and rich in overtones. Dominant strings, widely recognized as “the reference standard”, are legendary for distinctive tone and playability.
Category : Viola /Strings
Price (€ Any included tax) : 15.80 €   ( = 13.17 € HT)

Additional information...

Material : âme de perlon très flexible, filées aluminium
Definition : Corde timbrée, mais qui manque un petit peu de finesse.
Available Tensions (full size only) : faible, medium, fort
Type of attach : Ball
Main color of the bottom of the string : Dark blue
Main color of the top of the string : Yellow
Packaging : Pack
Timbre :
Power :
Softness :
Shine :
Clarity / Definition :
Grinding :
Flexibility :
Value for money :
Mots-clés : CA-THO DOM La L Dominant Alto light A/La !!!FIN DE PRODUCTION!!! Thomastik âme de perlon très flexible filées aluminium Corde timbrée mais qui manque un petit peu de finesse. faible medium fort Ball Pack Dark blue Yellow

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