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Savarez Guitare Flamenco T50R Tomatito Set/Jeu

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16.10 € 

Reference :
Jeu Savarez Tomatito
Name :
Savarez Guitare Flamenco T50R Tomatito Set/Jeu
Brand :
Description :
tomatito : new savarez sets for flamenca guitar
Two NEW CRISTAL clear nylon trebles (E-1,B-2), ALLIANCE KF G-3 string, silver plated basses wound on a new multifilament core.
SAVAREZ and Tomatito specially crafted them for the immediate and precise response, the projection and the particular sounds each flamenco player is looking for.

The velocity is much easier. The flamenco playing with its rasgueado, alzap Щ a, picadoЁ is free and secure.

The strings benefit from new materials and treatments, and state of the art technologies which insure their high quality and long lasting.
Category :
Guitar / Flamenco Strings
Label Aliжnor Lutherie :
Price (ђ any included tax) :
16.10 €   ( = 13.42 € HT)
Keywords : Jeu Savarez Tomatito Savarez Guitare Flamenco T50R Tomatito Set/Jeu Savarez Ball In length

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