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Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Carbone Codabow NX Kevlar

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690.00 € 

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Reference :
Archet VC CodaBow NX
Name :
Archet Violoncelle 4/4 Carbone Codabow NX Kevlar
Brand :
Description :
The shared vision of master bowmakers and professional teachers, the Diamond NX offers advanced performance for serious players. Agile and accomodating, the NX elevates advanced players to new levels.

Advanced performance design - Graphite diamond weave technology - Blended Kevlar acoustic core - Nickel mountings - Hand-dressed horsehair - limited warranty

The CodaBow is created in the likeness of fine tradition bows, therefore rehair and general maintenance can be done conventionally. The shaft of your CodaBow is crafted to perform a lifetime under normal playing conditions.

However, if the shaft of your CodaBow requires servicing, please call 001-888-263-2269 and return your CodaBow with your purchase receipt to:
CodaBow Workshop, 876 East third Street, Winoma, MN 55987
Category :
Cello / Bows
Price (ђ any included tax) :
690.00 €   ( = 575.00 € HT)
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