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Aricore Violon medium 4-G/Sol

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34.20 € 50.30 €

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Reference :
Name :
Aricore Violon medium 4-G/Sol
Brand :
Description :
G Sterling-Silver on P.E.T string for violin, medium tension.
Ћ Pirastro - Aricore was Pirastro's first synthetic core string.
Ћ The tone is quite warm and dark with very little edge to the sound. While they can sound very dull on some instruments, they may be a good choice for an instrument that has a shrill and hard tone.
Ћ Synthetic based strings offering warm and soft sound with an immediate response.
Ћ The P.E.T core material ensures they cope well with the effects of humitity. Ideal for musicians suffering from perspiration.
Category :
Violin / Strings
Price (ђ any included tax) :
34.20 € 50.30 €  ( = 28.50 € HT)

Additional information...

Material :
argent sur P.E.T
Definition :
Sol sombre et doux, relativement timbrж, de puissance moyenne.
Other sizes :
Available Tensions (full size only) :
Medium, fort
Type of attach :
Main color of the bottom of the string :
Dark blue
Main color of the top of the string :
Packaging :
Tone :
Note: 3/5
Power :
Note: 3/5
Softness :
Note: 4/5
Shine :
Note: 2/5
Clarity / Definition :
Note: 3/5
Grinding :
Note: 3/5
Flexibility :
Note: 2/5
Value for money :
Note: 3/5
Keywords : CV-PIR ARI Sol M Aricore Violon medium 4-G/Sol 416421 Pirastro corde pour violon 416421 argent sur P.E.T 3/4-1/2 Medium fort Ball Pack Dark blue Brown

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