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Aquila Violoncelle Mouton light 4-C/Do 52FU

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67.31 € 

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Reference :
Name :
Aquila Violoncelle Mouton light 4-C/Do 52FU
Brand :
Description :
gauge : 3.60 mm equivalent gut
tension : light
material : wounded lamb gut
length : 110 cm

Whole unsplit lamb gut strings (not cut in strips), adhering to the historical reality of the string makers of the past, with superior acoustical and mechanical properties compared to strings made from strips of both sheep and beef gut.
Category :
Cello / Baroquo Cello Strings
Label Aliжnor Lutherie :
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67.31 €   ( = 56.09 € HT)
Keywords : CVC-AQUILA LAMB C/Do 52FU Aquila Violoncelle Mouton light 4-C/Do 52FU 52FU Aquila Ball In length

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