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Obligato Contrebasse 3-A/La

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95.20 € 140.00 €

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Reference :
Name :
Obligato Contrebasse 3-A/La
Brand :
Description :
Ћ highest degree of modulation
Ћ big soloistic and powerful tonal volume
Ћ warm sound characteristics and focused
Ћ reacts even at most sensible impulses
Ћ optimal reaction by virtuouso playing
Ћ easy response in all dynamic sections
Ћ optimal left hand feeling
Ћ soft and immediately playable
Ћ ideal for both arco and pizzicato
Ћ resistant to changes in temperature and humidity;
Ћ enormous stability in tone
Ћ all strings are tuned for optimal set harmony
Ћ strings made by hand
Ћ strict quality control
Ћ absolute dependability
Category :
Doublebass / Strings
Price (ђ any included tax) :
95.20 € 140.00 €  ( = 79.33 € HT)

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Type of attach :
Main color of the bottom of the string :
Color of the torsade of the bottom of the string :
Main color of the top of the string :
Packaging :
Tone :
Note: 0/5
Power :
Note: 0/5
Softness :
Note: 0/5
Shine :
Note: 0/5
Clarity / Definition :
Note: 0/5
Grinding :
Note: 0/5
Flexibility :
Note: 0/5
Value for money :
Note: 0/5
Keywords : CCB-PIR OBLILA Obligato Contrebasse 3-A/La Pirastro Ball Pack Red Black Black

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