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Evah Pirazzi Violoncelle strong Set/Jeu

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326.30 € 505.00 €

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Reference :
Name :
Evah Pirazzi Violoncelle strong Set/Jeu
Brand :
Description :
Steel core string set for cello, medium tension, which offers brilliance and a great dynamic range.
The evah pirazzi cello set is suitable for soloists, orchestral and chamber musicians.
и Impressive harmony across the strings not only in respect of sound but also regarding playability.
и The A & D strings have a warm and round core sound, which is combined with an impressive brilliance.
и There is a very smooth transition from the D to the G string, which continues and deepens the radiant sound picture of the D string.
и The set is rounded off with the powerful C string providing resonance to the whole instrument.
и From pianissimo to fortissimo the response is immediate and the playability is outstanding.
Category :
Cello / Strings
Price (ђ any included tax) :
326.30 € 505.00 €  ( = 271.92 € HT)

Additional information...

Definition :
DerniУre nжe de chez pirastro. Conуue selon les mЖmes principes que les cordes de violon et d'alto sorties prжcжdement.
Available Tensions (full size only) :
Faible, medium, fort
Type of attach :
Main color of the bottom of the string :
Color of the torsade of the bottom of the string :
Dark green
Color of the top ring (top of the string) :
Dark green
Packaging :
Tone :
Note: 3/5
Power :
Note: 5/5
Softness :
Note: 3/5
Shine :
Note: 4/5
Clarity / Definition :
Note: 4/5
Grinding :
Note: 3/5
Flexibility :
Note: 3/5
Value for money :
Note: 3/5
Keywords : CVC-PIR EVAH PIRAZZI Jeu Stark Evah Pirazzi Violoncelle strong Set/Jeu Pirastro Faible medium fort Ball Pack White Dark green Dark green

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