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Archet Violon 4/4 Carbone Carbow Noir/Ebene

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800.00 € 

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Name :
Archet Violon 4/4 Carbone Carbow Noir/Ebene
Brand :
Description :
With its black carbon fiber stick and standard mountings, this violin bow allows musicians to play a Carbow bow in a lower price range. The stick is stable, regular, adapted to all styles of play and projects the core sound of the instrument. The high quality frog is inlaid with an abalone shell 'Parisian eye'.

Weight = 58 to 63 grs
Stick length = 73cm
Hair length = 65cm
Ebony frog mounted with Abalone
Category :
Violin / Bows
Price (ђ any included tax) :
800.00 €   ( = 666.67 € HT)
Keywords : AV-Violin-Eb-BS Archet Violon 4/4 Carbone Carbow Noir/Ebene Violin-Eb-BS Carbow Ball In length

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