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Crystal Alto medium A/La stabilon

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16.15 € 

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Reference : CA-COR CRY La stab M
Name : Crystal Alto medium A/La stabilon
Brand : Corelli
Description : A string for viola, medium tension.
The know-how has allowed CORELLI to develop a very high quality wound nylon string that offers a classic sound and does not have the usual nylon sound which is a bit hard and aggressive. On the contrary, they managed to give Corelli Crystal strings a natural warm sound and rich tone.

The nylon that CORELLI use is obtained from a very special molecule. It is subject to special treatments exclusive to Corelli, which give it the best characteristics. As a result the strings offer the best sounding qualities, which distinguish Corelli Crystal strings from other traditional nylon strings.

The Corelli Crystal strings benefit from the regular improvements that have been made possible over the past years as they improved and developed new technologies. The results of our research works led also to improvements in the quality (increased sounding qualities, increased solidity and longer life of the string).

The Corelli Crystal strings are not so sensitive to the tension as the Corelli Alliance strings.

The « Medium » gauge is most often used, and on most of the instruments the same tension can be used for all the 4 strings. If the sounding qualities should not give complete satisfaction, in all cases the use of a thinner or thicker diameter can improve the sound in a definitely positive way.

Due to their sounding characteristics, the Corelli Crystal strings can be mixed with steel as well as with gut strings or with the Corelli Alliance strings, which offers additional possibilities of balance of the instrument and sound.
Category : Viola /Strings
Price (€ Any included tax) : 16.15 €   ( = 13.46 € HT)

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