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Alliance Alto medium 3-G/Sol

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39.95 € 55.50 €

Selección del número de artículos :

Referencia :
Designación :
Alliance Alto medium 3-G/Sol
Marca :
Descripción :
G string for viola, medium tension.
The Corelli Alliance strings are the result of know-how in the process of the composite fibres. CORELLI is the only manufacturer having been able to adapt the Alliance KF fibre for making musical strings for different instruments. To reach such a point we had to solve a certain number of technological problems inherent to the nature of the Alliance KF material and worked through the complex processes necessary to give it the characteristics desired in top quality strings.

- find a fiber that would not break when the string is tightened on the instrument
- the specific elongation and elasticity had to be obtained in order to provide the best tonal qualities and ease of playing
- perfect intonation: it means that the fibres should have exactly the same thickness and be perfectly round all along their length which requires that they be extruded using a sophisticated technology especially developed for the Alliance KF fibre.

Although Corelli Alliance strings are made of a composite core of synthetic material, they present all the sound qualities and characteristics which are found in the best gut strings with additional significant advantages over gut strings. For all these reasons Corelli Alliance strings represent the best alternative to gut strings, which nobody could expect.

The extreme sensibility of the Alliance KF fibres makes the strings very sensible to the tension. Therefore the choice of the right diameter is essential to increase the balance between the instrument and strings. Our recommendation is for each note to try all three available diameters, even if the first string tried seems to be suitable.
Although there is only a slight difference between the different diameters, our experience shows that a slightly higher or lower diameter, i.e. tension, can bring notably improved results not only in balance, but also in sound and response.
The choice of the right diameter can also have a positive effect on the life span of the string. It’s still more especially true for viola than for violin, since there is a great variety of viola instruments and the balance on some of these instruments is still more delicate.

Due to their characteristics, the Corelli Alliance strings match perfectly and can be mixed with the best results either with gut strings or with nylon strings.
Categoría :
Viola / Cuerdas
Precio (€ TTC/todo incluido) :
39.95 € 55.50 €  ( = 33.29 € HT)

Algunas informaciones suplementarias...

Definición :
Corde timbrée, douce et claire. Un bon Sol, assez passe partout.
Voltaje(s) disponible(s) (solo tamaño completo) :
Faible, medium, fort
Tipo de atadura. :
Color básico del hilado de abajo (del lado de la cola) :
Color del trenzado de abajo (del lado de la cola) :
Verde Oscuro
Color de top básico (lado del tobillo) :
Anillo de color superior (lado del tobillo) :
Azul Oscuro
Acondicionamiento :
Tono :
Note: 4/5
Potencia :
Note: 4/5
Velouté :
Note: 4/5
Brillance :
Note: 4/5
Claridad / Definición :
Note: 4/5
Adaptación :
Note: 3/5
Flexibilidad :
Note: 3/5
Relación calidad-precio :
Note: 4/5
Palabras claves : CA-COR ALL Sol M Alliance Alto medium 3-G/Sol Corelli Cordes alto Faible medium fort Boule Estuche Amarillo Verde Oscuro Amarillo Azul Oscuro

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