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Alliance Violon strong 4-G/Sol

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33.80 € 46.90 €

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Reference :
Name :
Alliance Violon strong 4-G/Sol
Brand :
Description :
Sol (G) High tension, wound on KF, CORELLI ALLIANCE VIVACE for violin.
The choice of the right diameter is essential to increase the balance accuracy of the violin as well as a clear and clean sound.
Although there is a slight difference between the different diameters, our experience shows that a slightly higher or lower diameter, i.e. tension, can bring notably improved results in the balance between the strings and the instrument but also in sound and response.
Although wound on a composite fibre core, CORELLI ALLIANCE VIVACE strings offer all the accoustic qualities and characteristics of the best gut strings, and all the advantages inherent in the composite fibre, i.e. perfect keeping in tune whatever temperature and humidity grade are, prolonged life span while keeping the high qualities of the string.
=> For all these reasons CORELLI ALLIANCE VIVACE strings represent the best alternative to gut strings.
The extreme sensibility of the Alliance KF fibres, the core of the string is made up, make the string very sensible to tension.
Due to their characteristics, the CORELLI ALLIANCE VIVACE strings harmonized perfectly and can easily be mixed either withgut strings or with nylon strings.
Category :
Violin / Strings
Price (ђ any included tax) :
33.80 € 46.90 €  ( = 28.17 € HT)

Additional information...

Material :
filжe sur KF
Definition :
Corde bien timbrжe, quoique manquant de puissance sur certains instruments.
Available Tensions (full size only) :
Faible, medium, fort
Type of attach :
Main color of the bottom of the string :
Color of the torsade of the bottom of the string :
Dark green
Main color of the top of the string :
Color of the top ring (top of the string) :
Packaging :
Tone :
Note: 4/5
Power :
Note: 3/5
Softness :
Note: 4/5
Shine :
Note: 3/5
Clarity / Definition :
Note: 3/5
Grinding :
Note: 4/5
Flexibility :
Note: 3/5
Value for money :
Note: 4/5
Keywords : CV-COR ALL Sol S Alliance Violon strong 4-G/Sol Corelli 804F corde violon fort filжe sur KF Faible medium fort Ball Pack Yellow Dark green Yellow Orange

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