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Please visit the sub categories... vous will find few products...

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Violino Violon Set/Jeu boucle A recent string's set from Pirastro with E ball. • new type of synthetic fibre  
Complete description... Violino Violon Set/Jeu boucle
Violin / Strings [Violino Violon Set/Jeu boucle]66.95 EUR
2Zyex Violon 1/4 G/Sol G silver wound string for violin, medium tension. • Very Warm Sound • Profess 
Complete description... Zyex Violon 1/4 G/Sol
Violin / Strings [Zyex Violon 1/4 G/Sol]21.40 EUR
3Eudoxa Stiff Violon G/Sol 16-1/4 G wound gut core string 16-1/4 for violin. The classical violin string with exc 
Complete description... Eudoxa Stiff Violon G/Sol 16-1/4
Violin / Strings [Eudoxa Stiff Violon G/Sol 16-1/4]35.80 EUR
51.15 EUR
4Etui Violon Sebim Standard Forme violon 1/8  
Complete description... Etui Violon Sebim Standard Forme violon 1/8
Violin / Cases [No picture available.]50.00 EUR
5Tonica Violon light D/Ré argent D string, light tension for violin. Design: • special synthetic core made of  
Complete description... Tonica Violon light D/Ré argent
Violin / Strings [Tonica Violon light D/Ré argent]10.30 EUR
25.75 EUR
6Warchal Violon 4/4 Amber medium Set/Jeu boucle  
Complete description... Warchal Violon 4/4 Amber medium Set/Jeu boucle
Violin / Strings [Warchal Violon 4/4 Amber medium Set/Jeu boucle]76.60 EUR
7Tonica Violon strong E/Mi acier/aluminium boule E stahl-alu string ball, heavy tension. • great dependability • full and powe 
Complete description... Tonica Violon strong E/Mi acier/aluminium boule
Violin / Strings [Tonica Violon strong E/Mi acier/aluminium boule]5.90 EUR
14.65 EUR
8Crystal Violon medium E/Mi boule MI(E) ball plain steel for violin, medium tension. The Corelli Crystal have a n 
Complete description... Crystal Violon medium E/Mi boule
Violin / Strings [Crystal Violon medium E/Mi boule]3.30 EUR
9Etui Violon Bam Hightech Cabine Orangey Made in France Violin case especially designed to be used as hand-luggage on  
Complete description... Etui Violon Bam Hightech Cabine Orangey
Violin / Cases [Etui Violon Bam Hightech Cabine Orangey]385.00 EUR
440.00 EUR
10Flexocor-Permanent Violon Set/Jeu boucle Set of strings with E loop. Design: • ropecore of extra durable carbon steel  
Complete description... Flexocor-Permanent Violon Set/Jeu boucle
Violin / Strings [Flexocor-Permanent Violon Set/Jeu boucle]75.90 EUR
108.25 EUR

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