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Please visit the sub categories... vous will find few products...

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Original Flat-Chrome Solist Contrebasse Fis/Fa# • Pirastro Flat Chrom original strings are one of five rope core bass strings of 
Complete description... Original Flat-Chrome Solist Contrebasse Fis/Fa#
Doublebass / Strings [Original Flat-Chrome Solist Contrebasse Fis/Fa#]102.00 €
2PASSIONE Contrebasse Set/Jeu  
Complete description... PASSIONE Contrebasse Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [PASSIONE Contrebasse Set/Jeu]285.00 €
360.00 €
3Corelli Contrebasse tungstenTX 379TX C/Do C1 high string, strong tension (379TX) for double bass. Made in France by Savar 
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse tungstenTX 379TX C/Do
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse tungstenTX 379TX C/Do]25.90 €
4Superflexible Contrebasse Set/Jeu Set of strings for double-bass E,A,D,G, orchestra tuning. Steel rope core reduc 
Complete description... Superflexible Contrebasse Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Superflexible Contrebasse Set/Jeu]146.50 €
5SuperFlexible Solist Contrebasse Fis/Fa# FIS string for double-bass SOLO Steel rope core reduces stiffness and improves  
Complete description... SuperFlexible Solist Contrebasse Fis/Fa#
Doublebass / Strings [SuperFlexible Solist Contrebasse Fis/Fa#]43.61 €
6Archet Contrebasse 3/4 Pernambouc Paesold *** French type 3/4 bow for double bass.Pernambuco stick. Made in Germany. 
Complete description... Archet Contrebasse 3/4 Pernambouc Paesold ***
Doublebass / Bows [No picture available.]1 810.00 €
7Permanent Contrebasse La • easiest response - ideal for both arco and pizzicato • all strings are tuned  
Complete description... Permanent Contrebasse La
Doublebass / Strings [Permanent Contrebasse La]52.45 €
8Corelli Contrebasse nickelTX 380TX Set/Jeu • Hard tension strings of a traditional concept they are a subtle combination of 
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse nickelTX 380TX Set/Jeu
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse nickelTX 380TX Set/Jeu]140.00 €
9Helicore Contrebasse Hybride light Jeu 3/4  
Complete description... Helicore Contrebasse Hybride light Jeu 3/4
Doublebass / Strings [Helicore Contrebasse Hybride light Jeu 3/4]155.00 €
10Corelli Contrebasse 1/8 tungsten D/Ré D-string(tungstenwound steelcable;orchestra tuning)for small doublebasses? ref:3 
Complete description... Corelli Contrebasse 1/8 tungsten D/Ré
Doublebass / Strings [Corelli Contrebasse 1/8 tungsten D/Ré]26.00 €