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Please visit the sub categories... vous will find few products...

En revanche voici quelques produits que vous trouverez dans les sous-categories :

#NameDescriptionCategoryPictureUnit Price
(€ Any included tax)
1Etui Alto Gewa Strato Super Light Bleu/Gris Gewa Viola case Strato Super Light Weight * Made in Germany * Hig 
Complete description... Etui Alto Gewa Strato Super Light Bleu/Gris
Viola / Cases [Etui Alto Gewa Strato Super Light Bleu/Gris]419.00 EUR
526.00 EUR
2Tendeur Alto Fix noir  
Complete description... Tendeur Alto Fix noir
Viola / Accessories [Tendeur Alto Fix noir]3.20 EUR
3Etui Alto Gewa Liuteria Varianta Forme Noir/Bleu Gewa Form shaped viola case Varianta Liuteria Concerto Pcs.assort.+ * T 
Complete description... Etui Alto Gewa Liuteria Varianta Forme Noir/Bleu
Viola / Cases [Etui Alto Gewa Liuteria Varianta Forme Noir/Bleu]260.00 EUR
320.00 EUR
4Eudoxa Alto D/Ré 16 D wound gut core string 16 for viola. The classical violin string with excellen 
Complete description... Eudoxa Alto D/Ré 16
Viola / Strings [Eudoxa Alto D/Ré 16]36.00 EUR
43.70 EUR
5Passione Alto C/Ut 20  
Complete description... Passione Alto C/Ut 20
Viola / Strings [Passione Alto C/Ut 20]40.50 EUR
57.70 EUR
6Cantiga Alto light A/La acier German Viola old with a beautiful back, and vernish. Size 39.2cm. 
Complete description... Cantiga Alto light A/La acier
Viola / Strings [Cantiga Alto light A/La acier]15.50 EUR
7Vision Alto D/Ré D silver wound string for viola, medium tension. VISION VIOLA strings produce a 
Complete description... Vision Alto D/Ré
Viola / Strings [Vision Alto D/Ré]15.40 EUR
8Archet Alto Pernambouc Art Melody AM1 Bow for viola in prenambuco wood. Silver stted up, good quality. 
Complete description... Archet Alto Pernambouc Art Melody AM1
Viola / Bows [No picture available.]280.00 EUR
9Dominant Alto medium C/Ut C synthetic core argent wound string for viola, medium tension. The DOMINANT st 
Complete description... Dominant Alto medium C/Ut
Viola / Strings [Dominant Alto medium C/Ut]40.30 EUR
10Spirocore Alto light C/Ut tungsten C tungsten wound string for viola, light tension. • With Spirocore the steel st 
Complete description... Spirocore Alto light C/Ut tungsten
Viola / Strings [Spirocore Alto light C/Ut tungsten]45.70 EUR
59.50 EUR

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