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Instruments » Electric Double-bass

3 articles
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(€ Any included tax)
1Contrebasse YAMAHA SLB100 The SLB100 offers an outstanding tone suitable for a wide range of musical style 
Complete description... Contrebasse YAMAHA SLB100
[Contrebasse YAMAHA SLB100]4 199.00 EUR
4 638.09 EUR
2Contrebasse YAMAHA SLB200 Yamaha's Silent Bass series feature a body and pickup systems designed to bring  
Complete description... Contrebasse YAMAHA SLB200
[Contrebasse YAMAHA SLB200]2 790.00 EUR
3 250.00 EUR
3Support genou pour contrebasse Yamaha SLB200  
Complete description... Support genou pour contrebasse Yamaha SLB200
[No picture available.]119.00 EUR